Are your favorite brands as loyal as you?

Okay friend, listen. 

I know you have your favorites. Your favorite laundry detergent, your favorite cleaners, your favorite cosmetics.  

I know you really love your lotion and your shampoo, and that your candles are your go-to way to unwind at the end of the day. 

Replace candles with a diffuser & essential oils

I know it’s a really big ask for me to suggest you consider buying something different, because I know you have some really fierce loyalty to your favorite brands. 

But can I ask you something?

Those brands that you are so loyal to…

….are they as loyal to you?

….are they returning the favor and protecting you, the same way you stand up for them when someone like me knocks them and wants you to drop them like hot coals? 

Savvy Minerals by Young Living:
The Clean Standard in Beauty

Are they looking out for your best interest by sifting through thousands of ingredients and scratching them off the list of options? …Or are they looking out for their bottom line by using whatever’s cheapest without regard to any actual safety testing?

Are they taking care of your babies by being sure not to add fragrances and chemicals that are going to irritate their skin or their lungs? 

…Or are they adding known carcinogens to their baby shampoos and lotions to make them smell good, and hoping you won’t notice?

Are they taking care of YOU by making sure that you’ll still be able to breathe safe air after you’ve sprayed the can over every square inch of your space? 

…Or are they keeping you in the bed with a migraine headache instead of enjoying your freshly cleaned space with your family? 

Are they making sure you won’t be absorbing reproductive-system-killing junk when you walk barefoot across a mopped floor or lean your arms on the desk you just cleaned with that wipe? 

…Or are they keeping you from conceiving that long-prayed-for baby you are longing for?

Are they able to prove to you that every chemical used in their product is 100% safe for human and animal use? 

…Or are they just labeling their packaging with warnings to “keep out of reach of children” and to call poison control if you swallow any toothpaste?

“But they’d never sell it if it wasn’t safe!” 

I challenge you to go through your product ingredients with a fine tooth comb and research them (use an app like EWG) and you’ll have your answers to all the above. 

Let me tell you, betrayal is a tough pill to swallow.

There’s a better way, friend, and this is why I share. There’s a company who is as loyal to their members as we are to them. They look out for our best interests. They have bragging rights to the highest standard in clean ingredients. They make a cleaner that keeps you standing at the end of the day.  They are careful to support all those body systems and organs – right down to our very ability to multiply and have children – and every product they produce is so safe everyone from infants to the elderly can benefit, and your kids can help take care of their homes because you have total confidence of the safety standards of the products they are handling.

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It’s time to throw out that cabinet’s worth of lock-and-key substances and replace all of it with products from a company that takes care of YOU. And that company is Young Living.

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