Breaking up with Soda Cravings

It’s a new year, and many of us are setting out with new health and wellness goals. For some that’s as big as getting in the gym – and staying there. For others, it’s baby steps like giving up the sodas. 

Whatever your goal, it’s important to have a plan to get yourself over that uncomfortable in between place of change. Did you know that your oils can help accomplish your goal and say sianara to sugary soft drinks?

First, make sure you dispose of all the contraband in your house. No use keeping it around for another family member who’s not giving up soda. If they insist on keeping their stash, ask them to check it at the door and not bring it inside. 

Next, set yourself up for success by finding ways to replace your bubbly drink. If you absolutely must have a carbonated beverage, add a pack of Ningxia Zyng to your next Essential Rewards order.  It’s refreshing and has a bit of a lime kick to it. If you just need the fizz, of if you are one to crave carbonation all day long, try an inexpensive, unflavored sparkling water and add a little monkfruit or stevia sweetener and Young Living Vitality oils. 

Also, identify the times of day that you are most tempted to stop and grab a soda. Maybe it’s passing by the fast food place several times a day on your way to and from a school run, when you might be accustomed to stopping in for a pick-me-up, or maybe it’s the vending machine in the break room at work. Before you leave the house, make sure you already have a cold drink in your hand and pick that glass up and sip it as you cruise by. Stock your office with water and a few favorite vitality oils so that you can prepare your drink before you go to lunch. .

If you struggle drinking plain water, fear not. You can flavor your water with Young Living Vitality essential oils!  If you choose to add essential oils to your water, remember to drink out of glass or stainless steel – never plastic or styrofoam. Go ahead and splurge on a fancy personalized steel tumbler for yourself or vinyl a cute saying on a mason jar and make it your very own and something you look forward to using. 

Start by adding 1-2 drops of a Vitality oil to your 20-30oz tumbler or glass, a natural sweetener to taste, and fill your glass to capacity with filtered water or your sparkling water or heck – fill it right from your sink sprayer to get that bubbly effect. (Pro tip: add the ice first and watch it really fizz up!)

A few favorite flavors and combos of Vitality oils for your water:

  • Any of the citrus vitality oils. Lemon Vitality is especially awesome for helping to cleanse the liver. (Bonus: it comes in your Premium Starter Kit!) Some enjoy Lime Vitality because lime flavoring is a common ingredient in many popular sodas.
  • Peppermint Vitality is great after a catered lunch when you may have overindulged! Tip: Peppermint Vitality has a bit of a bite to the lips, so drink from a stainless steel straw or apply a Young Living lip balm to your lips before drinking.)
  • For a special treat, consider trying Slique Essence – Slique Essence, a unique blend that supports healthy weight management goals. The ingredients work together to help control hunger and may help with digestion. 
Slique Essence: the unsung hero of the Slique line!

Keep in mind that whenever you add a Vitality oil to your water, you are actually adding nutritional value and supporting your body internally just by getting all those ounces of oily water down the hatch.

Now that you have a plan, go out and crush that no-soda goal! Your body will thank you a hundred times! It’ll take some grit and determination, but give it a few days and you’ll be surprised how quickly you find yourself looking forward to your new favorite good-for-you beverage.

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