Essential Rewards Explained

Essential Rewards is an optional, monthly subscription box offered by Young Living that is 100% customizable to the needs of individual members. Think of it as your monthly wellness box! It’s the very best way for a family on a budget to consistently invest in a Young Living toolbox and maximize their dollar with lots of free product.

As an Essential Rewards (ER) member, you can:

  • Choose everything that goes in your box, from your must-haves to the fun-to-haves;
  • Select and change your processing date each month to fit your unique budgeting needs; 
  • Process your order earlier in the month if needed, without disrupting next month’s scheduled processing date;
  • Edit your payment information to use a different card or bank account;
  • Receive 10% – 25% back in Rewards Points** on all your Essential Rewards orders, just for filling up your box with all the things you & your family uses anyway.
  • Spend your Rewards Points on hundreds of eligible items from Young Living’s vast product catalog. It’s like getting a free store-credit gift card with your purchase every month to use for your own personal shopping spree! 
  • Have your box shipped straight to your doorstep! 

Essential Rewards members enjoy luxury membership perks such as:

  • Free monthly promotional gifts-with-purchase that change every month, for orders ranging from 100-300pv (including two items that are exclusive for Essential Rewards members!)
  • Enjoy free thank-you gifts added to your order at three, six, nine, and twelve consecutive months on ER (12 months – exclusive Loyalty essential oil blend!), just to say thank you for being a valued part of the Young Living family. 
  • Receive 10%-25% back in Rewards Points on all your Essential Rewards orders
  • Shopping sprees with the Rewards Points accumulated from monthly ER orders.

**Rewards Points!

  • Rewards Points are basically a store credit given to you based on a percentage of your ER order.
  • Your Rewards percentage grows the more consecutive months you stay on Essential Rewards:
    • Months 1-3 – earn 10% back 
    • Months 4-24 – earn 20% back
    • Months 24+ – earn 25% back
  • Save your points for something big – or spend them as fast as you earn them! 😉
  • Rewards Points can be redeemed on hundreds of products from Young Living’s product catalog. Just click on “Shop” and look for the little green flag beside each product’s PV amount to determine eligibility.  When you check out, select “Essential Rewards Points” as a method of payment and select which products on your order you’d like to receive for free, as long as your points balance covers the full cost of the product.  

The fine print: 

  • Members may place one Essential Rewards order per month.
  • Members may use one grace-month per 12 months if needed in order to navigate personal events. 
  • You are never locked into this service, and may cancel at any time – but you won’t want to!
  • Cancellation of Essential Rewards will result in losing one’s earning percentage of Rewards Points. You can restart at any time, but those points earnings will restart at 10%. 

How to get started: 

  • A) Enroll in Essential Rewards with your Premium Starter Kit! (And get an extra free oil with your kit!)
    • It’s simple! During your Premium Starter Kit order process, you’ll click “Yes” to two questions regarding enrolling in ER and using your PSK as your first order. 
    • Click “customize order” and throw 50pv worth of product in your cart for NEXT month. You won’t be charged for this today, and remember you can edit and change it before next month’s order is submitted.
  • B) If you’re already a Young Living member, use the “ER Monthly Order” tab on the left or drop-down menu to enroll. You’ll be prompted to choose your processing date, set a payment method, and add your items to your cart. It can process the day you set it up, or you can set it for a future date to give yourself a few more days to decide. 
Special thanks to our friends at for this quick clip that covers all the basics!

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