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OILY ECONOMICS series, Part 3-
Evon McDonald, Young Living Diamond, FCCI,

When it comes to being a Young Living member, there are three ways to purchase.

  1. Good: You can become a retail member, and order directly from the website, paying full retail prices and without any discount or free products.
  2. Better: You can become a wholesale member, which allows you to enjoy member wholesale pricing (24% off) on all products, and the only “requirement” is a 50pv purchase every 12 months to keep your account active.
  3. BEST: You can become an Essential Rewards member, and not only receive that discount, but also enjoy lower shipping costs, free gifts-with-purchase in any order exceeding 100pv, thank you gifts every three months, and earned points back on purchases (at 10, 20, and 25% based on length of time) that you may redeem for free Young Living products. This is my personal favorite membership level because obviously, it offers the most perks and is clearly the best case scenario.

For the family looking to transform their home into an oasis of safety when it comes to product choices, Essential Rewards (ER) is an extremely economical option for ditching the toxins and switching for health-benefiting products bit by bit. You can join at any time, customize your ER order each month, from the products in your basket to the payment method and processing date, and even enjoy discounted shipping rates. You may also cancel at any time. (But believe me, you won’t want to!)

New members can choose to jump into Essential Rewards right out of the gate, by selecting the Essential Rewards box in step 2 of the enrollment process. Your Starter Kit qualifies as your first Essential Rewards order and automatically gives you a free gift with purchase.

By using Essential Rewards, I am able to provide my entire family with:

  • nutrition supplements that are critical to our health
  • CBD oil 
  • oils that serve as wellness tools, immune system support, air fresheners and emotional support;
  • healthy breakfast options,
  • workout supplements,
  • antioxidant drink for every member of the family
  • laundry soap,
  • stain remover,
  • household cleaner,
  • shampoo and conditioner,
  • hand soap,
  • shower soap,
  • toothpaste,
  • dental floss,
  • mouthwash,
  • hand sanitizer,
  • dishwashing soap and dishwasher powder,
  • shampoo and pest prevention for the dog,
  • baby wipes,
  • diaper cream
  • sunscreen,
  • bug spray,
  • skin care,
  • cosmetics,
  • And so much more.

Pretty much the only household goods I purchase from the store on a regular basis anymore are paper products and lightbulbs. I have simply transferred my buying from major retailers to my own store.

All of that expense has been removed and absorbed from our overall household and grocery budget, and is covered by my own income. That’s a lot!  I also get a huge discount on everything I purchase (24% off retail), giving me SO much more product for my dollar, AND I earn roughly $75 “cash back”  every single month in the form of Essential Rewards points to spend on even MORE Young Living products! (And since so much of our household is powered by essential oil infused products, you know I’m LOVING that “store credit” when I run out of this or that in the middle of my month!)  

Oh, and by the way, I get five or six full size, popular products added to my wellness box every month…

for. FREE.


Essential Rewards promos help me to maximize my budget! Because most times, like this month, several of those items are products that I ALREADY had saved in my cart. So guess what…I’m getting those for free anyway, so I hit “edit order” and swap each one out for another item that I need. 

Young Living hasn’t added more line items to our household budget…it has subtracted them and allowed me to shoulder that cost, so that grocery money is grocery money, and doesn’t have to stretch to fit all of those items as well. I receive free gifts-with-purchase in every box, and earn store-credit to spend like cash on full-size products of my choice.

It’s an economy that just makes sense.

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The information presented is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, cure, prevent, or treat any health condition and should not be used as a substitute for consulting with a professional health care provider. This information applies solely to Young Living products and should not be used in conjunction with other brands of essential oils. The opinions and views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Young Living.

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