Liquid Courage

We all have days when feel a bit like the Cowardly Lion in “The Wizard of Oz,” in desperate need of a little courage to face the day. Whether its a presentation at work, a case of nerves over a test at school, a court hearing, or an intimidating work-out routine, Valor is just the oil for the job.

In Gary Young’s own words, 

“Valor is grounding, balancing, and empowering when inhaled and includes Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Black Spruce, and Frankincense in a base of almond oil. It also instills courage, confidence, and self-esteem….

Why did I create this formula? The essential oils in Valor were used by the Roman soldiers before battle to promote courage during a time of physical and emotional challenges. All of us go through physical and emotional challenges.”

Valor is used as part of the Raindrop Technique to balance the body and ground the mind for a relaxing experience. It comes in the Premium Starter Kit and also can be purchased in a convenient roll-on blend that’s easy to stash in your purse, pocket, or backpack to apply as needed or to wear as your favorite perfume.  It’s also an important component in Young Living’s Freedom Sleep collection, and the Feelings Kit. 

Here are a few great ways to use Valor Essential Oil Blend!

  1. Diffuse it or wear it on diffuser jewelry, such as a lava stone bracelet, or shop on Etsy for tons of cute diffuser earrings and necklaces!
  2. Put a drop (or roll it!) on the insides of your child’s wrists or on the soles of their feet before the big game or dance recital.  Tell that baby that he or she is as brave as a Roman soldier!
  3. Reward yourself with a soak! Mix 8-10 drops of Valor to 2 cups of Epsom salts for a soothing, grounding bath after a grueling day at the office.
  4. Use the roll-on to apply it along the spine after a chiropractic adjustment to encourage your body to hold your adjustment longer. 
  5. Anytime you anoint yourself or your child with Valor, be sure to repeat a positive affirmation or a Scripture verse about courage and along with it, or have your child repeat it with you!

So whatever you’re up against today, bring Valor along in your pocket for those moments when you need a big boost of confidence and increase your odds for a great day.

Enjoy Gary’s testimony about Valor here:

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