My Journey

We began using Young Living Essential Oils in March 2008 after Noah (our 14-year-old son) was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. Over a period of one year, we were able to strengthen his immune system and greatly reduce visits to his pediatrician. His entire testimony can be found at

I come from an entrepreneurial background having “birthed” 20+ “brick front, mortar” businesses. Those businesses were successful as my philosophy was, “when a customer walks in the door, the customer is always right”. I still believe in that philosophy. Building relationships with others, doing unto them as you would have them do unto you, will always be a driving desire.

After using Young Living Essential Oils for a while and having the results from them, I began to share with others. As I shared, other people became interested and they shared. I never dreamed I would do something in “direct marketing”. That just did not seem like a “real” business. I was a “real” business owner. Today, my income has surpassed any business I ever owned and I do not have to purchase inventory to sell, pay taxes on inventory I have, have a “payroll”, provide ObamaCare for employees, and the list goes on. The biggest bonus is that I can still build relationships and serve others as I have always desired to.

Whether your dream is for better health or to build an income, there is no better way than Young Living. Let David and I help you to reach your dreams.

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