Staying Well with Thieves®

Thieves is a crowd favorite in the Young Living world. It’s a highly effective blend that no smart oiler would be without in their home because of its powerful properties and ability to give a roundhouse kick to any would-be invaders. 

By using Thieves oil every day, you can make a huge difference in your wellness and your body’s ability to fight off attackers. Here are three great daily tips for using Thieves to stay well and to keep the immune system boosted and strong. 

  1. Morning: Use Thieves essential oil blend on the bottoms of your feet before leaving for work or school.  For children, a parent can fill a 5ml glass roll-on bottle (these can be ordered online) with 10 drops of Thieves and fill the bottle to volume with a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil or V6 vegetable oil complex by Young Living. 
  2. Afternoon: Fill your diffuser with 5 drops of Thieves and distilled water to purify the air you are breathing in your home or office space.
  3. Evening: Use your Thieves Vitality oil from your Premium Starter Kit to make a hot beverage to drink before bed. Simply add 1-2 drops to the bottom of your mug, and fill with hot water. Optional: add lemon and honey (or monk fruit sweetener) to taste and drink before bed.

Thieves is a blend of five oils: Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Rosemary. But where did this recipe come from? And why on earth would someone name an essential oil blend, “Thieves?”

Thieves blend is based on the legend of the 40 Thieves, as told by Gary Young: 

“In 1990, I was in London, England at Warwick University to take a seminar with Dr. William Harkiss. I was fascinated with some of his teaching about oils and I decided to go to the university library to do some investigating on my own. I found a little book that a person had written in the 1800s talking about the story of the 40 Thieves from the time of the Black Plague in the 15th century. 

These gentlemen were spice traders, and they brought spices from Sri Lanka, Reunion, India, and other nations and would bring them by ship to England to the huge spice market. When the plague broke out, the King issued a moratorium to shut down all ships from sailing the international trade routes for fear of spreading the plague.  The spice traders then could not make a living. They had a relatively lucrative job, because they could set their own prices and had high profit margins, and when that went down, they had no way of supplying their livelihood. They had some of the nicer homes in England and so they started trying to figure out how they could make a living. 

I (Gary) joke that the spice traders were the first pawn shop brokers. They began looking for things they could take and sell for profit. When the people were dying, homes were vacated. Bodies were everywhere. They had the bright idea to strip the bodies and loot homes and take it to market to sell.  What was interesting is that they had no problem walking among the dead people, touching the bodies and entering the homes, and the constables were afraid to touch the thieves because they knew they were exposed, and they didn’t want to get the plague. Nobody would stop them and so they just had free reign. The King issued a proclamation that if the constables did not arrest them, then they would lose their lives. They had no choice but to bring the thieves to justice.

They finally captured up to 40 of them and brought them before the King and the magistrate, and the King said you either tell us the story of how you are not getting ill, or you die. HOW you die will be determined on whether or not you tell the story. If they did not reveal their secret, they would be burned at the stake. If they did tell, they could choose between hanging or beheading. 

Four of the 40 told the story that they were spice traders, and they knew that if they washed their clothes and their bodies with these particular spices every morning and night, that they would not become ill. 

The recipe was never written that I found, but Cinnamon, Clove, and Rosemary were mentioned throughout the text. I knew that those were hot oils by themselves and caustic to the skin, and so I knew it would have to be blended with something else to create an oil that people could put on. I also knew that they traded eucalyptus oils and citrus oils for flavoring, and so I started looking at a combination of those oils together and that’s how I created Thieves.” -(watch the full video here)

For even more ways to bring the power of Thieves into your home and show the intruders right out the door, check out our entire line of Thieves products, ranging from all-purpose cleaner to laundry soap to toothpaste and mouthwash.  We just can’t get enough!

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