Part 1: The Young Living Difference in Hair Care!

One of the most exciting things about living the Young Living lifestyle is the ability to ditch and switch the toxins out of our home and gradually integrate more products into our daily lives to ensure that we are coming into contact with minimal harsh chemicals and lavishing love on ourselves with only the best ingredients.  Your bathroom is an easy and very important place to begin your home upgrade transformation. 

Did you know that the average woman applies 300 chemicals to her body everyday – and 80 of those before breakfast just in getting ready for the day?! From our shampoo and conditioner all the way down to the mascara on our lashes, ingredients from each product we use, even just a little each day, can accumulate in our bodies and have far reaching implications on our health down the road.  Commercial hair products are laden with toxic chemicals and endocrine disruptors, and we just don’t need to be messing up our insides when we’re just trying to clean our outsides! Am I right?! But like it or not, that is what happens – anything that touches our skin is absorbed into the blood stream in 26 seconds. What do you really want flowing through your veins for the rest of the day, every day? Pass the essential oils, please!

Young Living has many shampoo and conditioner formulations to choose from and all of them are wonderful. 

The thing about Young Living shampoo is that it is very different from what we are accustomed to in commercial shampoos. Most of us really enjoy a creamy shampoo with rich, foaming lather that bubbles up and is perfect for creating that Founding Fathers wig look with a Kris Kringle beard in the privacy of your own steaming hot shower (don’t lie – you’ve done it!). We are so in love with that experience, that this often catches a new YL shampoo user by surprise.

Young Living shampoo does not foam and lather – and that’s actually a good thing. That’s because it does not contain any of the foaming agents – the extremely toxic sodium laurel sulfate – that commercial shampoos use.  Consequently, a member who is new to using Young Living shampoo often thinks they are doing something wrong, or that the shampoo doesn’t work the way it should, and many look for recipes to dilute it to help it move better, or ingredients to add to make it lather.  To each their own (and I will share a recipe with you!), but I am confident that the shampoo can be used exactly the way it was created, otherwise Young Living wouldn’t stand by it. This is actually a pretty versatile product if we just learn to reset our thinking and to use it differently than a commercial shampoo. Even if you need to work through a bit of a learning curve and experiment for a little while, I encourage you to give it time to let it grow on you. We women love our hair products, and this one can soon be your new favorite. Just remember that Young Living cares about you enough to leave the toxins out! 

In part two of this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to use and enjoy your Young Living shampoo and conditioner to gain the most benefit from it. 

**Bonus check out this article from Young Living’s Blog, “The Lavender Life” for a recipe to make your own DIY dry shampoo!

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