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OILY ECONOMICS series, part 1 – 
Evon McDonald, Young Living Diamond, FCCI 

What would it be worth to you, to be able to live in a body that supports the life you WANT to live? It’s okay if you don’t want to be an athlete and be able to win all the big competitions, but if you do, you’ll need to understand how to support your body. What if you just want to be well in order to enjoy your grandkids, or not continually miss holidays and special events due to stressful body breakdowns? What if you want your immune system to stay strong enough to be able to care for others in their time of need? Or for your kids’ immune systems to be strong enough that bringing home invaders from school doesn’t mean your entire household is doomed to the same fate? What if they don’t bring it home at all?

A healthy body is not only one that is free of symptoms of illness, but one that thrives in a state of wellness!

What is your health worth to you?

  • Is it worth investing in one or two things at time until it becomes a lifestyle?
  • Is it worth learning something new?
  • Is it worth taking responsibility for understanding how your body works?
  • Is it worth learning something new, even if it challenges your existing belief system?
  • Is it worth deviating from mainstream advice, pre-conceived ideas, and philosophies that have been fed to us by the media about how to be healthy?
  • Is it worth doing things differently than they’ve always been done, even if your family and friends remain skeptical?
  • Is it worth eating better, even if you are emotionally attached to your favorite snacks and fast-food?
  • Is it worth moving your body a little more?
  • Is it worth ditching the toxin-filled products that are polluting your body and your home , and switching to safe, human-body-approved, living-organism-friendly products that support your body’s natural, built-in functions?Even if you love the brands you currently use; even if you or someone you care about SELLS the products you currently use; I guarantee you’ll love these products just as much, along with a guilt-free conscience that shampooing your hair or cleaning your kitchen counters is helping your body instead of harming it! You won’t even have to wonder about what your skin is absorbing into your bloodstream, or what you are breathing in along with that “clean linen” fragrance, or what your kids and pets are walking on barefoot after you clean your floors.

Think past the idea that oils and wellness products are low on the priority list.

  • Doesn’t it make sense that if you live a proactive lifestyle that keeps you well, that you will actually spend less money in the long run on reactive care?
  • Doesn’t it make sense to spend your time, energy, and resources setting yourself and your family up for wellness, in order to spend less of the same trying to undo the damage done by a lifestyle that feeds illness?
  • Doesn’t it make sense to skip a few dinners out or have a yard sale in order to save money and purchase that starter kit that seems out of reach?
  • Doesn’t it make sense to have items in your home that you can reach for when your kids fall below the wellness line on a weekend or a holiday when outside help is not readily available?

Health is not a luxury.

  • It is not out of reach.
  • It is not out of your control.
  • It is not boring.
  • It is not hard to achieve or maintain.

Health is a necessity.

It is your responsibility to yourself, and it is literally your ticket to ride the earth around the sun long enough to see your kids grow, to accomplish your goals, to see the world change, and to see your dreams come true.

Choose the lifestyle that matches the life you want to live

The choice is yours, but making the wrong choice in this case can literally cost you your life.  You can open your eyes wide to the fact that our widespread, societal chronic illness and autoimmune distress is caused by the things we do to ourselves, and either ignore it or act on it. You can laugh and ridicule those who are already paying attention, but ultimately, the joke is on you.

Adopting the Young Living Lifestyle

Essential oils and clean products can have a tremendous impact on our health and wellness, and that of our family members.

  • When we change what we breathe, and what we absorb through our skin in our personal care products;
  • When we swap out the floor cleaners that we then walk barefoot on, and the counter top disinfectants that we then prepare food on, and make a simple switch to a single, non-toxic, all-purpose household cleaner;
  • When we eliminate the gasses emanating from our clothing in our closets from commercial laundry detergents by using a SAFE laundry soap;
  • And when we finally kick those AWFUL plug-in air fresheners to the curb and replace them with health-benefiting essential oils in diffusers…
    That is when our lifestyle starts to match up with and support the wellness we desire. And Young Living helps us to do that affordably and sustainably.

Walk through this mini-series for a look at just how family-friendly and economic it can be to live the Young Living lifestyle.

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