What are Antioxidants?

Do you know what antioxidants are? I mean, sure, you’ve heard the word and even talked about them, but do you know what they do and why they are so vital to our wellness?

An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a process that breaks up pairs of molecules in your body and produces “free radicals.” Those free radicals can start a chain reaction in your cells that can cause damage and even cause the death of cells, and basically puts our bodies into a disease state.

Here’s an example.

Picture a happily married couple (we’ll call them the Perfects,) having dinner at a restaurant. They are together, they are connected, they are well behaved, and they are happy. Everything is right in their world. Now imagine that a beautiful lady with not-so-beautiful intentions, begins to circle their table, flirting with Mr. Perfect and trying to distract and lure him away from Mrs. Perfect.  Our uninvited guest here is a free radical, and her behavior is known as oxidation, because she is working on breaking up (or oxidizing) our couple, the Perfects. Now enter another gentleman (Mr. Antioxidant) enters the restaurant, notices Ms. Radical, approaches her, and invites her to have dinner with him, instead of trying to break up the happy marriage in the corner booth. Now that our free radical is paired with an antioxidant, she is under control and no longer trying to break up thePerfects.  However, had Ms. Radical been successful in her radical mission and had walked away with Mr. Perfect on her arm, she would have left behind a very upset Mrs. Perfect, who probably would have then attacked them,  taken revenge, lashed out at the diners around her, and generally caused a scene (and rightfully so!).

When oxidation occurs in our bodies, those free radicals are looking for anything to latch onto, and when they don’t find a partner, they wreak havoc on the cells around them. This causes all kinds of things to go wrong, from a common cold all the way to cancer.

You can see why it’s important then, to flood your body with antioxidants as part of your daily nutrition regimen. To determine how many antioxidants you’re getting in a supplement, you’d look up the ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), and choose the highest you can find.

Lately, elderberry syrup is getting a lot of press time, and being talked up as an antioxidant rich syrup. And it is, but as a whole, elderberries rank pretty low on the ORAC scale. It is a great way to prevent a lot of things. But what the product down the aisle little bit boasted exponentially more antioxidants? If that’s what you were shopping for, wouldn’t you go for the higher content?

Enter Ningxia Red. This is that drink that I talk about so often as being my superjuice. (It’s pronounced NINK-sha, by the way).

Ningxia Red has the highest ORAC score IN THE WORLD. Ningxia Red ranked #1 of all juices tested with ORAC. Our scores are about 250% higher than any other health juice on the market. The Lyceum Barbarum berry, aka the Ningxia Wolfberry (Goji berry) has been extensively researched and found to contain the highest level of antioxidants and proteins, as well as more Vitamin C and calcium than any fruit or vegetable ever tested. The wolfberry is revered for its unparalleled nutritional profile, which includes fiber, zeaxanthin, critical amino acids, polyphenols, polysaccharides, and a distinctive ratio of trace nutrients

1 serving of Ningxia Red contains the equivalent of 7.5 mixed servings of fruits and vegetables, and also contains a powerhouse blend of therapeutic grade essential oils to increase the body’s absorption and use of antioxidants. In addition to antioxidants, it also gives me a daily boost of beta-carotene, lycopene, and d-limonene.

So why do I drink Ningxia Red? For one, all the reasons above. All the antioxidants and the unparalleled nutritional value. Kids love it and beg for it, especially when those 2-oz sachets get tossed in the freezer for an incredibly nutritious popsicle.

When I drink Ningxia Red, I am taking active responsibility for my health by supporting every cell in my body, as well as normal eye health, cognitive wellness support, energy levels, and overall wellness.

The information presented is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, cure, prevent, or treat any health condition and should not be used as a substitute for consulting with a professional health care provider. This information applies solely to Young Living products and should not be used in conjunction with other brands of essential oils. The opinions and views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Young Living.

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