Why Combine CBD and Essential Oils?

One of the major benefits to using a CBD isolate is the absence of THC, which is component of cannabidiol that many are concerned about avoiding, due to its potentially mind-altering effects. Nature’s Ultra CBD is tested and verified through third-party testing to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product free from solvents, heavy metals, gluten, and pesticides.

In order for CBD oil to work properly, the cannabidiol (CBD) needs a helper called “terpenes.” These are molecules that directly affect the cannabinoid receptors in our body. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is that terpene, so when it is removed, we have technically lost some of the heavy-lifting power of the CBD. A CBD oil with its THC left intact is known as a “full-spectrum” CBD.  A CBD isolate is cannabidiol that has been stripped or refined down to just a crystalized powder isolate. Essential oils are terpenes, so by infusing that CBD isolate with essential oils, we have replaced the puzzle piece of THC with something equally as powerful and even more customizable. Young Living calls this “Smart Spectrum” and we’re the only ones who have it!

Did you know that by adding essential oils to your CBD that you can basically customize it to do exactly what you want? Just by mixing or adding this or that essential oil with your CBD product, you can target specific receptor sites in your body. Essential oils are terpenes, and terpenes are the key component to giving the CBD isolate its power.  Young Living’s/Nature’s Ultra CBD is an isolate, meaning the cannabidiol is separated out and does not contain THC. In a full spectrum CBD, the THC is the terpene. This is why they combine it with essential oils, so that the chemistry works and the CBD product gives you the results you’re after. This is known as the entourage effect. 

What’s an entourage? It’s a group that accompanies person to assist him/her in achieving a common, focused goal that would otherwise be difficult to perform totally on his own. It’s a team. If you’re moving to a new apartment in the same building and want to move a refrigerator, that’s difficult by yourself, yes?  But if you gather your friends together, carefully arrange them to lift the appliance, and give them the exact apartment number & location, that refrigerator is going to arrive at its destination perhaps a bit more swiftly and easily than you trying to move it up three flights of stairs with an appliance truck. Right? 

Keep this in mind when you are choosing your CBD products! The CBD isolate on its own, with its THC terpenes removed may not be able to accomplish a big job all on its own – but add in therapeutic grade essential oils, and suddenly you’ve got an entourage with a map and a plan.

Just like you would choose an essential oil from your collection to do a specific task, you can also select your essential oil-infused CBD product that contains carefully chosen oils to accomplish the task.

By selecting any of Nature’s Ultra’s top-notch CBD products, you’ve already got a great head start on accomplishing your goals. Need a little more personalization? Try some of these ideas:

  • Layer your Calm roll-on with emotionally calming blends that inspire peace and courage, such as Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Gentle Baby, or Valor.
  • Add an extra special touch to your CBD Joint & Muscle balm by applying Young Living’s Aroma Siez, Raven, Stress Away, Cool Azul, or PanAway essential oil blends, or even a little Copaiba essential oil. Apply your essential oil of choice in the desired area, followed by the muscle rub.
  • Add Citrus Fresh to your Citrus CBD oil, maybe a little Clove or Nutmeg to your Cinnamon CBD, or Copaiba to the Cool Mint CBD
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