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Congratulations! You’ve done the hard work — You’ve purchased your Young Living Starter Kit, you’ve started making changes in your lifestyle, and most importantly you’ve started working on eating a better diet and you are starting to feel amazing. So why do we need to supplement? 

The fact of the matter is, that even when we eat the cleanest, most nutritious diet available, there are STILL opportunities for improvement. Our bodies still need us to fill in the gaps where we aren’t always able to absorb all the needed nutrients from our food, either due to our personal metabolic function or because those nutrients aren’t readily available in the foods we eat. And in many cases, there simply isn’t enough time in the day (or room in your belly!) to eat the sheer AMOUNT of nutrients that may be necessary to address a very specific wellness goal of yours. 

That’s where Young Living’s line of essential oil-infused dietary supplements comes into play. They are plant-based, whole-food supplements, made with zero synthetic ingredients, and all backed with YL’s unique seed-to-seal guarantee. 

When I say “dietary” supplements, I’m not talking about a weight loss product or a gimmicky get-skinny-quick scheme.  In this context, the word “dietary” simply refers to a component in one’s nutritional plan. Dietary supplements complement a clean diet to maximize the body’s potential to operate at full capacity.  

We all know that we need our vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. We know to reach for Vitamin C when the winter season rolls around and those in our social circles are falling over sick by the dozens.  We know magnesium is a relaxant and that calcium builds strong bones, that we need Vitamin D to stay emotionally balanced, that Vitamin K helps the blood to clot, and that B vitamins keep our energy levels up and anxiety levels down.  

What we don’t know is that usually two or three things need to be taken together in order for it to assimilate and absorb.  But when you walk through the supplement aisle in a grocery store, we are overwhelmed with options and you end up buying one of everything that sounds good and taking a whole alphabet’s worth of tablets with your breakfast every day. In fact we don’t even know that those store brands are so full of fillers, that the collection of bottles you just spent $6-10 apiece on aren’t really even absorbing into your bloodstream.  Your body doesn’t know how to use synthetic ingredients as well as it does natural ones. In fact, the digested products of those pills end up…in the sewer.

But did you know that when you add essential oils to a dietary supplement, it increases the body’s absorption from about 15% to roughly 70%? Whaaat?!  Guess what else those oils help you to absorb?  That’s right – nutrients from good, clean food. That’s what we mean when we say that oils are a COMPLEMENT to your nutrition!

Nearly all of Young Living’s nutritional products are infused with essential oils to maximize the product’s potential and give you the most bang for your buck.  

Not only that, but they are a package deal. No more Googling in the middle of the pharmacy, trying to piece together your own concoction from the Scrabble board of individual supplements and hoping you get it right so that your Potassium pill will actually work.  When you buy a Young Living supplement, you’re getting all the components needed for proper absorption and assimilation in one product. And they’ve been tried and tested so rigorously, you can be assured they WILL accomplish the goal. And as always, consistency is key, so always make sure to add a supplement or two to your Essential Rewards subscription box.

For a perfect example of how Young Living’s supplements combine ingredients to work together for a powerful synergistic benefit, take a few minutes to watch this video about two of Young Living’s most popular dietary supplements to support your nutrition foundation: Master Formula and Ningxia Red.

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